Mistakes You Should Avoid While Placing Your Area Rug

In case you’re the kind of a person who believes that a rug can be placed in any way just because there are no rules restricting you, then u should know, that a rough placement of your rug will instead make your place look rather unorganized.

The following are some insider tips to help enlighten you on exactly how your area rug should be perfectly placed inside your home.

Isolating your Mat:

One of the biggest debates on area rugs is, should my furniture legs step on the area rug, or stay off the rug? Of course, there are no strict rules when it comes to this. However, only large mats covering most of the room placed under the furniture will look aesthetically pleasing. A good area rug like a soft shag rug should be consistent and proportional with the scope of your room. Similarly, too small area rugs are not a good choice for your room as they will potentially make your room look cheap, exhibiting excessive blank space.

Placing rugs and carpets together:

Most of the time people assume that area rugs and carpets should not be put together. On the other hand, interior designers use this tactic most of the time to incorporate playfulness and character to a room. Furthermore, this ploy is an easy way for families with children to keep expensive rugs free from stain.



Putting same sized area rugs together:

Sometimes, you might feel like it would be nice to create a layered look using your same sized area rugs. It might seem like a good idea but in fact, the use of two same-sized rugs in the same area makes the room look half its original size. Always consider area rugs of two different dimensions (color and pattern could be similar) but never of the same size. Although if you end up with two similar rugs, you can create a sophisticated look by placing the second area rug diagonal to the first one. It creates a visual indistinction of the imbalance.



Large space and Orderliness:

When working with large spaces, forget about the right way of placing your decorative area rugs. An easy change in the location of the area rug can increase the style of your room and make the whole place look full. When you place traditional area rugs in a large place, a significant part of the room will remain open. Consider placing the rug diagonally as this will occupy more space as needed.

Cushioning the area rug:

Placing a rug pad beneath your area rug plays a major role in maintaining and protecting a rug. The most common mistake people make regarding cushioning the rug is not using the wrong rug pad under the rug but not using a rug pad at all. The right padding enhances the softness of your area rugs and also provide protection to your floor by avoiding rug dye stains to occur.



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