Classifications Of Different Types Of Carpets And Applicable Cleaning For Each

Carpets have no classification for some people; their place of origin is where their differences lie. Thus, people are more familiar with types like Chinese, Indian and Persian, for example. However, there are different ways on how to classify them. Knowing their classification will assist you to determine whether you will clean them by yourself or if you will need a professional cleaning service. An ideal way to categorize carpets is according to the technique of producing it. 

Woven Carpet

This type of carpet uses loom that is similar to a woven cloth. It can be either a loop pile or a cut pile. However, with up-to-date technologies, both styles can be used in one carpet. It uses several colored yarns to bring out intricately designed carpets that are already pre-patterned. This method has some limitations as it is finished at a plodding pace. The designs are inconsistent and not accurate at times. It makes the carpet a little more expensive compared with other types. Always seek carpet-cleaning professionals for less damaging cleaning activity applied to carpets. 


These types of carpets are commonly used in places with high traffic or human activity such as restaurants and offices. Needlefelt carpets are made by mingling the fibers together using a barbed needle or a fork. These carpets are sturdier and durable than other types. 


This type of carpet is made by fixing the tuft into a base material and bonded to another base for a stronger result. A machine produces the tuff. Tufted carpets are cheaper compared to other types, and they are considered as the most commercial type of carpets. You do not require professional cleaning services to clean them.


In some cases, the classification of carpets is based on materials used to produce the carpet. Therefore, you have Nylon carpets for durable and heavy-traffic areas. Polypropylene is usually cheaper to use; hence, it is suitable for commercial carpets. Wool and wool blends are ideal for sustainable carpets. Acrylic is perfect for those that are difficult to dye. However, it produces wool-type characteristics, and it is washable. Finally, polyester is ideal for color stability. 

Therefore, before cleaning your carpets, either by hiring carpet-cleaning services or by doing it yourself, ensure you know what kind of carpet you have so that you can use suitable cleaning strategies to protect your carpet from being damaged and to ensure durability and stability for an extended period. It is easier to remove stains immediately as old stains tend to be more challenging to get rid of.

Remember that your carpet is as good as you maintain. Consult a carpet professional when you are not sure about what to do. A carpet is an expensive investment that you make, and you have to take good care of it so that you do not regret later. The main point you need to take into consideration is care and maintenance.

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